Monday, January 19, 2015

The outfit behind the lens & snowshoeing

Boulder Lake Ski Area....


A woman always needs her girlfriends to hang out with from time to time.  This is just what happened over the past 24 hours.  On the agenda: Snowshoeing.  

If you know me, you know how much I love fungus, said sarcastically.  It was everywhere.

the start off

I found Olaf hiding on our trek.  He colored his nose brown.

more fungus

What do you think?  Woodpeckers or bugs?

a closer look

Map reading

and off again.

What's your thought?  An eagle cam?


It's hard to hide when you are brightly covered.

nature's patters


Nature's very own Fairy Garden.  If you look closely you can see the fairy hats sticking up out of the snow.

Kicking snow around


Please!  Please, what?

Ground pines (maybe)


Who can resist this beauty?

Knocking snow from the boughs


Footwear of choice for the trek.

One look out...

Lace-y trees

I did not snowshoe this trail alone

Chair in dilapidated tree stand

patterns of nature

Britton Lodge

Great place to roast marshmallows, have a picnic lunch, etc...
There were some tricky spots
Approaching Wolfski's Ski Den

 And now for the outfit behind the lens:

What was worn:
Jacket: LLBean 3-1, Warmest to -35 F
Base layer: Paradox Merino Wool (top and bottom)
Socks: REI wool
Boots: Sorel Joan of Arctic
Mittens: Red leather outside with sheep wool inside (you cannot purchase these in the US)
Snowshoes: Elektra
Neck warmer
Ear Warmer
Hat: Stormy Kromer worn backwards so that I could actually look through the view finder
Backpack: Camelback with H20
Not pictured here: black rimed glasses in sleeve pocket, Canon T3 with prime 85mm lens

p.s. It's always important to dress for the weather.  I was almost too warm with this outfit at 25-30F.

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