Friday, July 15, 2011

they tried to suck my blood

A conversation with my nephew...

Me: T! you have bug bites all over.
T: (in disbelief) I know! The mosquitoes tried to tear my skin off but they couldn't. They tried to suck my blood!

dead mouse

My nephew cracked open an acorn. He exclaimed, "Look Auntie, there's a dead mouse in here."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

they came curved

While eating dinner with a 4 year old:

Me: Yum! These snap peas taste like they came straight from the garden!
Child: No.  They did NOT come straight from the garden.
Me: Oh??
Child: They came curved from the garden.

melted up

As questioned to me by a 4 year old:

Child: You know that sometimes I have a melt down?
Me: Yes...?
Child: Well, the popsicle melted up.