Wednesday, August 5, 2015

a new blog {NadiaFaye}


A quick short note to let me few followers know of a new blog I will also be maintaining.  I started to for the purposes solely of my photography efforts/work.

You can find the new blog at:

Please go have a look and share the information with your friends. Follow my work there.  Encourage your friends to follow me there as well!

If you are in and around the Duluth area, or within the cities area and would be willing to let me shoot (photographically speaking) your children, selves, family, etc... I am open to shooting the first 5 people to contact me for free.

Why?  I want to do this to show mainly myself that I can, prior to charging for my photography enthusiast services.

I can be reached via blog comments at the above link, or via email at

I can't wait to see who contacts me first!!

With renewed excitement towards my photography journey...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

pushing past self imposed boundaries

Robert and I are coming up on our one year anniversary; the first year's journey is a topic for a blog at a different time.  The early anniversary gift however is a major player in helping me push past my own boundaries and feelings of inadequacy within the realm of photography.

The traditional first year anniversary gift is 'paper'.  Robert said to me after letting me know of his gift to me, "The gift can be the receipt, that's paper."  It was a five day course on wedding photography. Through Creative Live with the speaker as Jasmine Star.  I have been thrilled with the start of the course and of course have now started to follow Jasmine's blog.  I absolutely love her humor and love that she loves her dog as much as I love mine.

I've dabbled in photography for a number of years.  I struggle with self imposed boundaries which stop me from making progress as I would hope.  Feeling that I'm not quite as good as another photographer, or would someone really want to pay for my services, or getting 'scared' yes scared to take photos and show my work, even to those closest to me.

Well, here's to saying adios and farewell to those barriers to my success.  I am looking forward to shooting my first wedding!  Happening on August 22, 2015. Eight day before my first wedding anniversary.  To make the day even more special, it is my youngest brother Adam's wedding.  He is getting married to Carly, she used to dog-sit for Nadia- my four pawed, furry butt, princess peach.  I am very happy to replace her title of Carly the dog sitter, to Carly my sister-in-law.

these pictures have nothing to do with this posting other than...

she is an adorable fluffy butt!

Look for the wedding photos, coming soon!  Breaking my own barriers in the process- no more self imposed boundaries.  Full steam ahead.