Friday, June 22, 2012

oppositional defiant adult

To the Oppositional Defiant Adult at Caribou-

Dear Sir, when you walk in the door and the workers recognize you and ask "Would you like your usual, Sir?"  This is in attempts to make your services quicker and speedier, not to make you think they, the workers, are stalking you.  There was absolutely no need to sarcastically ask back, "Oh, What's my usual order?"  And then intentionally order something completely different.  If you want to remain autonomous and anonymous, don't go to the same Caribou every day.  You have other options, and if you don't like that... make your coffee at home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi, my name is Nadia.

D.O.B. 5/16/2011
Adoption Date: 5/11/2012

Well, I've been residing at the Yucca Lane House for just over a month.  I have adjusted to my surroundings quite well.  I really like that I have an adopted brother Bailey.  He is nearly 3x my size; however I absolutely love to antagonize him.  He is like a grumpy old man.  When he is sitting on his throne looking out the window (it is too high for me to get up there) I go behind him and nip his butt.  He really doesn't like this, but I like his reaction.  It always makes him come play with me. 

I like to play games on Rachael.  Today while she was cleaning, she put a small pile of kids toys by the basement steps so she could bring them away.  When she wasn't looking, I took the Little People person and ran off.  :)  When she called my name I dropped the Little People on the steps and looked at her wondering what her problem was.  I didn't have the Little People it is on the steps, close to where she left it... ;)  The other thing I haven't showed her yet is that I actually can fit between the slates on the gate and when she isn't looking I go into the basement. I think she may be figuring out this Houdini trick, because she has had to rescue me a few times.

I really hate baths, although Rachael likes how I smell after a bath.  I don't let her put bows in my hair, although she has tried many times.  I have this funny looking pink color that has gemstones on it.  I flirt with Charlie the neighbor dog.  And I believe that everyone is my best friends.  I mean seriously, Who wouldn't love me?  Well, actually it is a good thing I don't belong to my first people parents anymore.  I have no idea why they gave me up.

I love my human cousins, especially Ingrid because she LOVES when I smell her feet. I have to be careful around her because she doesn't know yet that it isn't polite to pull my fur. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

nank you

I was discharging a student from special education/speech therapy today. His mom shared with me that this morning when she informed him that they were coming to see Rachael because he was graduating with speech he decided to say everything incorrectly. At the end of the meeting my 3 year old student’s mom gave him a card and told him, “Can you give this to Rachael and tell her Thank you?” He turned to me and said, “Tha…, nank you.” He then turned to his mom laughing and said, “Mom, I almost said Thank you, but I changed it to Nank you!”

Monday, June 11, 2012

Virtuwell is BRILLIANT

As life goes occasionally you are slowed down or knocked off your feet by illnesses.  I have yet again, a sinus infection.  Now this blog is not to complain about being sick, or to get sympathy for being sick it is to highlight the BRILLIANT nature of Virtuwell.

Virtuwell is basically an on-line fast track clinic.

So here is the story... I've had multiple sinus infections in my life.  Recurrent sinus infections.  I use a nasal spray on a regular basis.  Within the past 12 months alone I've had over 6 sinus infections (all of which I have gone in to the physician for); however with only 2 treated by medication, and one treated with accupuncture.  After realizing again, that I have another infection I called my physician to say, "Hey listen, I have another sinus infection.  Are you able to send a prescription to the pharmacy instead of me having to take time off of work, drive to the clinic, sit in the waiting room because the physician is running late, drive back to the pharmacy...?? Well you get the point.  The answer was "No.  I won't send a prescription in for you.  You have to come in."  I thought to myself, Why?  Why come in?  Just so you can tell me what I already know?  That I have a sinus infection! 

I hoped and prayed that it would go away on it's own because I sure wasn't going to go in again and take time off of work.  It didn't.

Then I was reminded of Virtuwell, the on-line clinic.  I sat down at home, answered about 50 questions on-line.  After answering the questions 5 minutes later I had a text message telling me my treatment plan was ready for me and a prescription had been sent to Target Pharmacy.  I called Target to make sure they got the script, drove there picked it up, and drove home.  This was all done within 30 minutes.

My cost???  My co-payment.  Simply BRILLIANT!  And innovative.  Not sure why I didn't try them out earlier.