Friday, July 31, 2009

...just a little boy...

"I'm just a little boy who misses my dog." As said to me by a 4 year old patient attempting to avoid therapy tasks.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Wildflowers found in the city on a walking path.

"scawie" (Scary)

While riding with my sister and my 2 year old nephew Tristan I hear him proclaim, "Scawie" (Scary). I ask him, "What's scary Tristan?" He replies, "Mommy dwiving (driving)".

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"he'll be real 'durable'"

A 7 year old patient came to therapy looking distraught. I asked her if she was ok. Her mom said, "Well, she had a real upsetting thing happen this morning. Our cat died." My patient shakes her head yes looking real sad. She starting therapy by jumping on the trampoline and said, "Well. We'll get a new cat, and he'll be real durable." After explaining to her what durable meant, I realized she was trying to say adorable.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Look Miss Rachael!

Arriving to therapy one morning, my funniest patient (who is African American) walks in the door with T-Rex like steps. With each dramatic step he takes, there is a white cloud billowing out of his shoes up to his knees. He T-Rex stomps up to me, stops within a few feet and with one hand on his hip, and one leg stretch out in front of him, he points to his powder covered legs and exclaims, "Look Miss Rachael! I'm turning into a white boy!" His mom later explained, he had filled his shoes up with baby powder that morning.

Alligator or Chicken?

While working on categorization with a patient who has autism and very little verbal skills... We were putting manipulative objects into piles of animals, food, and transportation. I gave my patient a small alligator. He picked it up to examine it at eye level, twirled it a bit, and promptly placed it into his mouth and exclaimed (much to our amazement), "Mmmm, chicken!"

"Bai-bee" (Barbie)

While visiting my sister's family in Washington, my three year old niece looks at me and says, "You is a bai-bee." I clarified by asking, "I am a baby?". She said, "No, you is a bai-bee." I look at her confused and said, "A barbie?" She said, "Yeah, you is a bai-bee". Her five year old sister quickly jumps in and said, "No, she not, she not made of plastic!"