Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blogging, Start to New Year, and well.... life as it is

Since August 30, 2014... ok, well to be honest since January 2014 life has been one continuous effort to keep positive about change.  Yes, change.  It's both good and bad.

So I quit blogging sometime at the end of October beginning of November.  Since January I had been participating in a photo blog circle.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and then life happened.  I quit blogging.  The decision itself was not necessarily a conscious decision but rather a culmination of small things and poor executive functioning one day.  I just quit.  Partially, I did get a little irritated that the circle seemed broken at times, however, most of it was attempting to adapt to changes.  Changes that I agreed to within my own life.  Mainly getting married, moving, and starting a new job.   Well it all adds up and creativity can be stifled during adjustment periods.

As the New Year started I contemplated what I would blog about.  I really enjoyed blogging photography.  I intend to keep doing so through out this year, however on my own schedule.  I also intend to blog more about life in general and experiences.  In my quest to find material to photograph and write about I came up with two ideas.  Since I cannot decide solely on one I intend to do a little of both.  One, I asked my FB friends what they would like to see photographed.  I will take this list into consideration.  Two, while at Barnes and Nobel I came across a book created by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, really a blank journal of sorts titled. Encyclopedia of Me: My Life from A to Z.  I really liked the thought of this so this is the second blog topic for the year.  Some may consider it self centered, while I am looking at it from a view point of a way to historicize my life.  Perhaps others will learn from it, perhaps I will get comments that will add to it, regardless it is an undertaking I am excited to do.

Life as it is... it seems to be one big constant check and balance system.  For now, I've got chili in the crock pot, a puzzle in building, and a two different areas to blog about.

Happy 2015!

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maaretp said...

I like your A to Z blogging inspiration! I personally think that blogs work best as autobiographies. Rather a case of, "write what you know". Kudos! Happy New Year!