Sunday, January 22, 2012

so HE'S the cupid!

My niece drew a picture of a heart with an arrow through it.  So, I drew a picture of cupid shooting an arrow.  She asked, "What's that?"  I told her, "That is cupid.  He shoots arrows at people's heart to make them fall in love."  She pondered, "Well, does it come out on Valentine's Day?"

the drawing..

My niece: (thought for a while and said): You haven't been shot by the cupid yet, because you are NOT in love.  Auntie, Can you see cupid?
Me: No because he is invisible.
Niece inquired: Well, is he even real?
Me: No, he is a fictional character.
Niece (with her ever inquiring mind asked): What does fictional character mean?
Me:  Character means a person, and fictional means fantasy or make believe.

Our conversation paused for a while...

Niece:  How do you fall in love?
Me:  Well when you see someone you like, you get nervous, your hands start sweating, your heart falls into your stomach and splashes your innards and short circuits your brain.
Niece:  NAAH-AAH.  That is not how you fall in love.  How do you really fall in love?
Me:  Well, maybe God allows you to fall in love.
Niece: Oh!  So HE'S the cupid!

Friday, January 13, 2012

too kid

I was visiting at my sister's place and enjoying feeding my little niece her bottle.  During this time I was discussing with my nephew that his other Auntie's dog Bailey was coming over to visit in a few minutes.  This is what the rest of our conversation was:

Nephew: You have to help me get the gate, so Bailey doesn't go upstairs.
Me: I'm feeding your sister right now.  I bet you know how to do this on your own.  Just turn on the light before you go down the stairs.
Nephew: Yea!  (He starts to walk toward the basement stairs and turns around...) I can't do it!  I'm too kid!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

silent language

My niece was asked, "Can you learn a language in school?"  To which she responded, "Yea! Silent language."  She further explained that "silent language" was with her hands and she knew the ABCs. 

Silent Language = Sign Language

monkey curious

My 3 year old nephew ran up to me and said, "monkey curious... lion trying to eat it"

Hmmm... I wouldn't be too curious if a lion was trying to eat me

you're wasting my time

My niece and nephew stopped by tonight and I thought GREAT... an opportunity to take candid pictures that I can use in my photography class tomorrow night.  My niece sits down to play a game on the iPad.  I point the camera ready to shoot a photo and ask her to look up, to which she responded, "You're wasting my time."
"You're wasting my time."
 After a few minutes she came up to me and said, "If you want one more picture you better take it now!"  And then decided it was ok to have a picture with me.