Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Miss Prickly Pants

In therapy today I told Student X, "It's time to clean up and go back to Teacher Deb's class."  To which he responded, "OK!  Miss Prickly Pants!"

I will itch it

While working in therapy with a student who was trying and successfully distracted me from getting him to do work:
Student asked me: Are you itchy?
Me confused: No
Student: Do you have an itch on your nose?
Me again confused: No
Student: Do you have an itch on your chin?
Me: No
Student: Do you have an itch on your neck?
Me: No
Student: Do you have an itch on your tummy?
Me: No
Student: Do you have an itch on your head?
Me now very curious about what he is getting at decided to change my answer: Yes

 The student grinned from ear to ear and said: I will itch it for you. He then reached over and completed messed up my hair! All I could do was laugh.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Greta is my sister.  She is a runner.  She is a surgical technician. It is her birthday today.

Happy Birthday Great!
Greta once gave me a silver cross necklace and told me I was her angel.  I still have the necklace and wear it regularly.  When I put this necklace on I think of Greta, and remember how lucky I am to have her as a sister.  She may feel that I saved her once, but it is her that saves me from myself at times.

Greta has had more life experiences than most people should ever have to face.  From these experiences she has become a source of strength and non-judgmental.  She treats everyone with respect and has a genuine interest in people.  If she understood the strength that she possess, she'd move mountains with words and command stars to fall into her hands.

I don't get surprised too easily; however Greta has managed this.  She ran the 2012 Minnetonka, MN half marathon with two of my other sisters.  This not being the surprise.  After the run Greta, Mia, and I went to eat at Baja Sol.  On the way back to my house Greta turned to me with the biggest grin on her face and asked me enthusiastically "Wanna see something?"  So of course I said, "yes"!  She quickly opened the glove compartment of the car, inside was a 40 caliber XD Springield subcompact, surprised I said, "Greta!  What do you have that for?"  She just chuckled.  She had passed her conceal and carry testing earlier in the year. I have yet to go target shooting with her.

With utmost respect, I love you dearly Greta!  Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

her has sad eyes

I had my nieces and nephew over tonight while their parents went out to dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday.  Bjorn informed about an hour after eating dinner that " I still hungie, Auntie."  So I informed him that there were a few pizza slices left he could eat.  He promptly went and helped himself.  A few minutes later I noticed Nadia (my dog) eating the crust of a pizza.  So I asked Bjorn, "Did you give Nadia pizza?"  He said, "Yea, I gave her pizza that I not eat. I'm gonna give her more pizza that I not eating."  I told him, "No!  You can't give her anymore to eat, she's had enough."  He replied, "But Auntie, her has sad eyes" and he promptly handed her the crust that he hadn't eaten.


Lori is my sister.  Lori's birthday is October 17, which makes her a Libra.  The biggest kept secret about Lori is that she is extremely artistically talented.

When Lori was a child, in some magazine (I don't recal which one) there was a line drawing of a cartoon bear profile.  This line drawing was part of an advertisement encouraging children to partcipate in an art competition.  The competition was to draw this picture of a bear and send it in to see if they would win.  Lori drew the a bear's profile and sent it in.

It was her submission of her drawing that got her entered as a student of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts at a very young age.  The judges of the competition figured she had traced the bear.  It wasn't until they enlarged her drawing to find out that she hadn't, but was truly a superior artist.  Her homework and assignments were sent to her in the mail.  She'd complete them and send them back.

Once Lori slept walked as a child.  This is an important piece of information for this following story...

One evening, late at night I was curled up in bed.  I was in that twilight zone, peacefully and blissfully about to enter a deep sleep when I heard, "Rachael.  Rachael."  Confused I sat up and said, "Yea".  Lori respond from outside of the bedroom, "come here".  I initially told her 'no' and then started to wonder if she was sleepwalking.  So I got out of bed to find her in the laundry room holding a mop by the handle and firmly pushing it into the floor.  She said, "hold this mop."  I again, told her 'no', but was somehow convinced to hold the mop in place.  While she was walking away she turned around and said, "There is a mouse under that mop."  

Lori was always my one sister who refused to let me sit at home.  Always brimming with excitement and ready to go out and have FUN!  Lori could make the most mundane things seem like you'd be missing out if you didn't participate with her.

 Today Lori is a civil engineer who designs roads.  She also happens to be one of my best friends!

Happy Birthday Lori!  I love you.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

the pink bunny

The Journal Jar asked "Did you have a favorite blanket or toy? Tell about it."

It's Easter Sunday 1985.  I'm laying on the loveseat in the living room and two of my siblings are excitedly telling me to get up and look for my Easter basket.  The only problem was, I was sick.   I distinctly remember telling my younger siblings they can find my basket for me but they kept insisting... "It's so easy to find.  You'll find it right away."  Sadness engulfed me as I started to realize the pretty socks that I was so excited to wear with my Easter dress.. probably wouldn't be making it on my feet.  They were the socks that had little beads sewn around the edge of them, and as a second grader those things were important.  I also remember it was my dad's turn to be a visiting pastor at a church two hours away for the Easter service- and I knew, given how I felt that I wouldn't be able to go.  With hesitation and determination to be able to go, I got up to eat a boiled egg.  I took one bite of the egg and realized that my left side wasn't moving and I couldn't chew.  I couldn't move my mouth or my left arm and shortly after lost use of my left leg.  My left side was paralyzed.

A few hours later, I remember sitting in the ER after having many vials of blood drawn, listening to the Dr. tell my mom in a low voice, "She needs to be admitted."  IVs were started and I was brought to a room.  I stayed there for two weeks.  At some point during the first day my mom brought me this stuffed pink bunny.  The bunny has stayed with me for years, it was one of a few favorite toys.  The pink stuffed bunny currently resides in a Rubbermaid container in the crawl space under the stairs with plans to retire during my next move.

The paralysis resolved within a few days and I thankfully have full function of my left appendages.

people change...

... or do they?

Can people change?  It's a question I'm sure we've all asked ourselves.  Have you changed?

I have.  Most people will say they have changed significantly but don't give others the same credit.  I may be one of those people.  While the most noticeable change is in my physical appearance (no, not weight-wise, looks-wise) I may not have changed as much in other ways...

16 year difference
I have not changed in the sense that I am still strong-willed, opinionated, analytical, and at times stubborn.  I changed in the sense that over a span of sixteen years I went from being insecure and shy and holding the opinions/thoughts in, to obnoxiously speaking my thoughts, to knowing when and when not to engage a verbal filter.  

As far as if people can change or not... I believe they can with the right frame of mind and desire to do so.  Although I do not believe it is easy.

And a final quote to those who are shy or overly concerned about others:  Dr. Seuss once said, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."