Sunday, February 22, 2009


As fate would have it- I'm still here and moving no-where! You can plan, make decisions, and keep a positive attitude however your plans may not work out. Disappointment sure is a difficult thing to swallow. There will be no 13 week hiatus to a warmer climate. I am however fortunate to still have my job. And I also have to remind myself that I am surrounded by a few of my siblings and their children (who are all my 'little loves' and rays of sunshine), and my friends; without them I'd be lost and without much of a social life. With that, I am trying to stay positive... And think of something else to change up the routines of my life.

Friday, February 13, 2009

First Pothole

I debated titling this blog pothole or bump... Anyhow, I've hit the first pothole in my adventure. For the past few weeks in my daydreams about taking a LOA, I was going to AZ. Well now I've been told that my best bet is TX or CO. So the question is do I pursue one of these states, insist on something in AZ, or decide not to go at all. Not sure what decision to make... hmmm.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I honestly have no clue what I was thinking.... but I'm sure it is going to be fun, exciting, terrifying, and educational. In our current economic state some may consider me to be a big risk taker, overly confident, or just plain dumb for making this move. I've requested a Leave of Absence from my job which always holds the risk of losing a job. I've thought it to be bordering on the line of irresponsible, but I've also considered it to be 'about time' that I did something to change up the mundaneness of my work/life. Well my life actually is quite fine but it could use a shaking up- as to not get stuck in a rut... and furthermore I'm just looking for a temporary change. I am doing this by moving to Arizona for 13 weeks- and yes, I will be working during this time. Throughout this time I plan on posting thoughts/ideas/adventures/activities/life experience for those who have a desire to see what I'm up to. I wish myself luck and good fortune. "Luck-- is being prepared when opportunity knocks."