Sunday, January 4, 2015

My life from A to Z: Again

Again, did it but don't need to ever do it

Actually I've done it twice.  Both times in 2007.  Once on Memorial Day with my brother-in-law and two friends, and the second time on the Fourth of July with a best friend.  It isn't that I wouldn't want to do it again.  It is that I've expereinced it and would now prefer to spend whatever disposable income I have on new experiences.  

I've skydived.  

headed towards the plane..
I usually always start this story out with, "I didn't jump, they pushed me out".  

Johnson was the instructors last name.  
Which is true.  In both experiences I did a tandem jump.  Meaning I had the instructor connected to me.  At the edge of the open door looking over a mile down to earth, I'm not entirely sure I would have had the courage to actually jump; although maybe I would have.  The instructor holds a bar above your head and basically rocks you out of the plane.  As the floor of the plane left the bottom of my feet, I thought, "What have I done"?  We free fell for about a minute.  During this time I held my eyes closed until the instructor yelled, "Open your eyes!"  A foot in front of me was the videographer I had hired to video tape and shoot photos of the jump.  Much to my surprise I put my hands into the "I love you" sign and yelled just that as loud as I could, "I LOVE YOU"!!!  Really?!! I thought. 

Yep, the I love you sign!
Needless to say the endorphin release from skydiving is enough to pull anyone out of a depression.  It taught me a lesson in life.  It taught me this:  When I'm feeling down (which I had been for months prior to the first jump) do something, anything, that releases endorphins.  Nowadays instead of jumping out of planes, I try to keep up on weight lifting, or boxing, or trying something new, something physical, because it is good for the mind and soul.

Gliding down.  In true Rachael fashion, (meaning I didn't ask but was told) I learned a lot about the instructor after the shoot had been pulled.  He had children and had had some significant difficulties in his life.  He planned to further his life helping children in need.

First jump and I landed on my feet.

The group.  Had it not been for Steve's phone call that morning, I would have never gone.
While I don't need to do it again, I encourage everyone to try it.  Just once.

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