Monday, September 1, 2014

35:52 {Change}

Motivational Monday

If you don't like how things are, change it!  You are not a tree.
-Jim Rohn

This quote makes me laugh.  I read ahead on our blogging quotes a few weeks back, so now when I find myself having a hard time accepting a change or when I find myself not liking something, all I can do is picture myself as a tree; then I laugh.

Change is something I have come to be accustomed to over the past two years; but even more so within the past 8 months.  And no doubt change is HARD at times.

October 2012: I started a Master's Program in Forensic Psychology

January 2013: My dog Nadia and I moved to our own place after living with wonderful roommates for a number of years.

April 2013: Diagnosed with C-diff after having two months of GI difficulties without a known reasons, and multiple trips to the ER. The infection hung around for 6 months.

August 2013: C-diff was finally cleared.

March 2014: Engagement to Robert Robinson.

March 2014: Due to leasing agreements or rather lack of flexibility with lease agreement Nadia and I moved in with my sister and her family- as our wedding was planned for August.

May/June 2014: Pondered for a very long time about a very hard decision regarding my job at the Minnetonka Schools.  In the end I was granted a leave for a year as I would be moving to Duluth, MN following our wedding.

June 2014: Started the last semester for a Master's in Forensic Psychology.  Continued plans for our wedding.

June 2014: Started research for my final project.  Interviewing and Interrogations specific to false confessions took up a lot of my time.

June 2014: Accepted a position to be a tele-therapist in Arizona.

July 2014: Applied, interviewed, was offered, and accepted a position at the University of MN-Duluth to work as a clinical instructor.

July 2014: Quit the position as a tele-therapist before I even started.

July 2014: Continued my research on Interrogations and Interviewing

August 2014: Wrote and passed a seven day comprehensive exam for my degree in FPys.

August 2014: Travelled to San Marcos Texas to watch my sister Jodi graduate with her PhD.

August 2014: Finished a 50 page paper on False Confessions as a result of Interviewing and Interrogation Methods.  Heard from the professor that I have successfully completed all requirements for my Masters.  In October I will participate in a hooding ceremony for my second Master's Degree.

August 2014: Continued planning for the last minute details of the wedding.

August 2014: Moved the rest of my belongings to Duluth, MN where Robert and I will reside.

August 2014: Started work at UMD 5 days prior to my wedding.

August 30, 2014: Married Robert and became Rachael Robinson.

Throughout this entire process I faced many instances where the change was overwhelming and I found myself being negative or doubting my decisions.  I could write about this but I won't.  Instead I want to say how fortunate I am to: 1) have Robert, 2) have friends and family, and 3) have the ability to recognize when I need to change my cognitive thought processes to be positive.

We are not trees.  And yes, if we want something to change, the change agent needs to be us.  Below are pictured three of the wonderful women I have in my life who add to my life, support me when I decide to pull up roots and move.  These three women helped make August 30, 2014 special, even after my hair fell apart and went flat from the rain.

Jodi (sister) aka Doc

Nicole (bestie friend) AKA The Angel

Greta (sister) AKA My heart twin
Change is a lot easier when you are surrounded by your support system.  Bottom line is you can't change the change, but you can change your perspective and attitude towards the change.  Cheers!

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