Monday, September 22, 2014

38:52 {act your age... or not}

Motivational Monday

The older you get the more important it is to not act your age.
-Asleigh Brilliant

While I have in nearly all cases asked permission to post pictures on the blog this is one case in which I have not.  This is not acting my age.  Age would tell me that it is the best thing to ask a brother if you can post a possibly embarrassing photo of him on my blog before doing so, but I didn't.  Although it was not from lack of attempt... he didn't answer his phone.

Adam does not act his age, always.  This is partially what makes him such a unique individual.  He still will come up behind me, pick me up, and spin me around.  Age would tell him that he should probably ask before doing so but he doesn't.  

Age should also tell you that eating directly out of the serving salad bowl at a wedding reception is not appropriate unless you are two and don not know any better... but that is exactly what I did this weekend when my sister got married.  In this case, it was excusable and allowable.

thought for the day...

Act the songs of your heart, not the age of your brain.

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