Monday, September 8, 2014

36:52 {memories}

Motivational Monday

You never know when you are making a memory.
-Rickie Lee Jones

In my experience it has been more often than not that the best memories come from unexpected circumstances.  Photographed below are pictures from an expected trip to Anitgua.  I'm sure the color of the flowers that awed me and other small details will fade from my memory at some point.  There is one memory that I hope stays with me forever.  It is the memory of a feeling.  The feeling of snorkeling in a small tropical storm, feeling the cool rain drops on my back but having the rest of my body immersed in the gloriously warm bath water of the ocean.  I knew we had scheduled a boat tour which included snorkeling but I did not expect this boat tour to continue in spite of a very small tropical storm.  There are plenty of other memories from this trip.  One significance is that these are the first memories made as Mrs. Robinson.

Mr. & Mrs. Robinson


I could have stayed in this hammock for hours. 

Flowers were everywhere in Antigua

I found this one to be particularly beautiful

Horseback riding: I was very concerned about the horses.  I didn't want to go if they didn't take good care of their animals.

Wonderfully warm relaxing weather, never once did I feel it was too unbearable.
On a side note, one other thought that comes to my mind in considering this quote it to always be cognizant of the words we chose to communicate with, because we do not ever know when we are making a memory.  That memory could be someone else's memory of their impression of you.  Cheers!

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