Sunday, July 20, 2014

Who Am I?

Last night night I attended a bridal shower.  It was for me.  During part of the shower we played a game called, "Who Am I?"

The game
The shower guests were instructed, "Please write your personal memory of the Bride.  These cards will be read aloud and the bride-to-be will try to guess who wrote the memory!"  Seems easy right?!!  Not so much.  To give you a glimps of who I am here were some of the written memories:

"The only person I know, who can always find a 4-leaf clover"
Side Bar--It's true I guess I have found hundreds of four-leaf clovers in my life.  The most recently one was as I stepped out of my fiance's Jeep last weekend.  It was just right there.

"Driving in the blue boat and having to drive in reverse to Hasscib"
Side bar- I didn't initially recall this, but yes I drove eight miles in reverse because my exhaust system fell and as I drove it was resisting the road.  So to avoid ripping it all out by continuing to drive, I drove in reverse to lessen the damage.

"We used to go on walks in the evening after or before having tea and pulla.  Maybe saunas too?"

"Good times at haps with lots of laughs."

"Tea for two, my faithful friend" - written by a dear friend and fellow Speech Pathologist.

"Lots of memories in Ranua, Finland.  Rachael wasn't shy to use her Finnish and have fun!"

"We were in a rented van waiting to leave Russia, time was getting long and boring.  We got out and played children's games, found a 2 X 4 to sit on and created a scene entertaining the other cars with our antics.  The hours sped away!"

"I slept over at your old house to clean and we used to eat pizza almost every day" - My beautiful niece Hallie p.s. I have to say she was hired to clean for her Auntie- I'm not a slave driver :)

"When you rode with us back from Michigan and we were so busy talking you were speeding and got pulled over.  I think about you every time we pass that spot now."

"Rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors."

"We talked about the trips to a 'country' and the fun she had."

"Singing songs, playing games, and carrying our portable bench at the Russia border."

side note... apparently Russian's liked our singing or we had good voices because we sat there for nearly 5 hours trying to cross back into Finland.

"I remember coming to visit you in the hospital after your jaw surgery and being amazed at how different you looked."

"I was holding a broom upright in the laundry room after haps.  I asked you {Rachael} to come and hold the broom for me.  You did and I then told you there was a mouse under it!"

"On a hot 4th of July morning, Rachael called to ask if I wanted to go skydiving.  I said yes and a few hours later we were jumping out of a perfectly good plane.  Rachael is an adventurous fun person.  It's one of her many good qualities." Thank you, Nicole

"I remember making lots of noodles with you are Roger's summer services.  Lots and Lots of childhood memories!"

"Spending nights at your house growing up when my dad was in the U.P. for services.  Good chats on a road trip with my sisters and you."

"When Rachael brought me to the store in her awesome Jeep and letting me sit in the front seat" - My niece Aaliyah...I guess I missed the memo on how old kids need to be to ride in the front.  Apparently she knew but didn't tell me ;)

"We were roomies for a while.  You graciously agreed to put up with my no-so-cooperative fiance and take our engagement photos."

"Rachael was always a very generous older sister.  Upon coming and visiting Minnesota she would borrow her Jeep, bed, and treat me out plenty of times.  And although I am a bit younger than her she never made me feel like I was so much younger which I truly appreciated!" -<3 you Mia

"Typing a piece of thread around a skin tag in the middle of her back to help remove it... eventually."

I felt truly blessed to have been surrounded by the beautiful women who attended my shower last night.  It is so very hard for me to be the center of attention but you all made it easier for me.

-With love to you all!

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