Monday, July 21, 2014

29:52 {love & tomatoes}

Motivational Monday

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand. 
-Mother Teresa 

Love, such a complicated subject.

Recently a good friend came with me to Home Depot.  What I was purchasing there really is a mute point for the story.  What is important to know is I often find myself listening or engaged in conversations with pure strangers.  Here is the jest of the conversation...

CASHIER: Wow!  You must have quite the project going on.
ME: nodding and smiling
CASHIER (Directing his gaze to my friend): Is she your sister?
ME: Nope, but I'll take her as a sister.
CASHIER: Do you have sisters?
ME: Yes, ten of them.
CASHIER: Are you married?
ME: No, but I will be married in August.
CASHIER as he starts his monolog: Will you have children?  It's so important to have children.  You won't ever experience what it's like to truly love someone until you have children.... Childless people don't know what true love is.

[Me thinking to myself- hmmm... I've been single for 36 years and I love God, I love my family, I love my friends, and I love my dog. I think I know what real love is.]

CASHIER continuing... You see these childless people they may have all the money in the world but they don't know what true love is.  They don't know what it's like to go to the store and buy everything for someone else because you love them and want to care for them....

Well he continues in this fashion for a while.  And while, I disagreed, I didn't say anything as there was a line behind me.  So to the cashier as Home Depot:  I knew what it felt like to love someone/something unconditionally before I met my to be husband.  And I know that my friend who is also single and childless, knows what it's like to experience unconditional and true love.  

As you see the two points of the above mentioned quote is first, that there are all types of love just as there are many types of fruit, and secondly, love is always the best way to respond to any life situation.  One type of love not better than the other, and no type of love intends to be more important or to replace another type of love.  

I love my dog.  I may have rescued her from a shelter, but I believe she rescued my heart.

The tomato
Love is a fruit always in season... although sometimes we don't know what love is or looks like until someone blatantly tells us.  Just like I was nearly an adult when I learned that a tomato was actually a fruit and not a vegetable.  

This tomato picture was taken with a very dear friend of mine in mind.  He recently told me he was growing tomatoes and taking care of them.  If he should read this blog entry, he knows who he is and he should know that I greatly respect him and love him as a friend.  I do believe your tomato plants will grow and your efforts of care will be rewarded.

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