Monday, June 2, 2014

22:52 {little pleasures}

Motivational Monday 22:52

There are a thousand tiny things from which one can weave a bright necklace of little pleasures of one's life.
-Hermann Hesse

There were a thousand tiny things I could have photographed which would depict what my life's necklace would look like.  However, rings tell my story of life.  It tells of one of the most important things I find pleasure in; living life through experiences with other people.  

It all started out with a gift of a ring, then another gift of a ring, and yet another. It has since morphed into me purchasing a ring from various countries or during various points in my life, with each one having it's own story.

Some of the collection...
The baltic amber may tell you a story of Estonia, whereas the red coral may be a story related to Hawaii.  The blue sapphire may indicate a graduation, where as the spinel may tell of a sisters weekend in Duluth, MN.  The silver paisley designed ring may tell you a funny story relating to Africa, where as the aquamarine may tell of another graduation.  The two right hand rings may tell a story of adulthood, whereas the gold lattice style may tell of Christmas.  And the twin silver leaves may tell you a story of Finland.  The only way for you to find out is to spend a little bit of time with me, and who knows perhaps you'll never find out but I'll acquire a ring to go with our experience.

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