Monday, June 23, 2014

25:52 {Garden}

Motivational Monday

The more help a person has in his garden, the less it belongs to him.
-William H Davis

In ponderance (and no that is not a real word, but as an SLP I make up words all the time) of this quote I find that I am equating it to these questions...  Is your life your own?  Or are you living your life to appease others?

When living your life to appease others you may find yourself to be a bit of a dandelion in a luscious green lawn.  

I would not want dandelions in my garden...

They are quick to repopulate

When living your life as you are and as you are intended to be; you may find yourself to be a happy flower with your heart at the center of your life.

This flower so perfectly had a heart in the center when I picked it from the pot.

 It just made me smile...

May your heart show through your garden of life.

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