Monday, May 26, 2014

21:52 {Opportunities}

Opportunities are often things you haven't noticed the first time around.
-Catherine Deneuve

When Rob first asked me if I wanted to take his mom's dog, his brother's dog, his dog, and my dog to go swimming, my first thought was, NO WAY!

As you see, this meant that I would have to try to keep my little 8 pounder from growling at three huge dogs for the duration of the ride from his mom's house to the Dead River Basin.  Knowing that one of the bigger dogs would assertively try to let Nadia (the 8 pounder) know that she, Snowy if boss, by growling or retaliating back.  In my head it sounded like more work than I cared to encounter.

Regardless, three large dogs were loaded into the back of the Jeep, and one 8 pounder was on my lap, and off we drove.  Thankfully, Richard, (Robert's twin brother) was driving behind to help with the dog menagerie once we got there.

I didn't realize until we were driving back with four sopping wet dogs that what seemed like a big chore at the beginning was really the opportunity to have calm dogs in the evening.  Dogs, like children sleep well in the evening when they've had the opportunity to run and be outside.

They were spent after swimming and being in the hot weather.  I'm sure they will all sleep well tonight.

Nadia (the 8 pounder) is a bit too prissy to go swimming.  Although she did get the opportunity to jump out after she was placed in the water.  She wasn't too happy about it!

Lewy just splashes and tries to catch the splash water in his mouth

Harley likes to run in and run out.  Apparently, the 8 pounder scares him.

Snowey goes all out.  Swims across the river to fetch tennis balls.  She also happens to be the arch nemesis of the 8 pounder.
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