Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow Day

It's extremely rare that our school district calls school off.  However, this year alone there has been five days called off due to inclement weather.  The first four were due to subzero temperature that were considered to be unhealthy for anyone to be out in.  Today however, we started with a two hour delay that turned into a cancelled school day, as our transportation system (the buses) couldn't get out.  I've heard that the roads are treacherous, so inside I stay with my little love, and take the opportunity to take pictures.

I have absolutely loved my morning.  Nadia and I made our way out into the snow, only to find she couldn't make it to her favorite pooping spot.  Being so little and so white has it's disadvantages when it snows so much.  Nadia loved that I was home this morning so we could cuddle on the chair while I drank my morning 'joe' (our weekend morning tradition).  

Here are a few pictures from our second outing into the snow... 

Nadia insisted that she write the picture captions.

I'm easily lost in snow.

Bet you can't find me now!
I found a path... maybe it leads to my spot.

Ah... this path doesn't go to my tree!!  I'll sink if I go into the snow bank.  My mom should have put my winter coat on me.
I HATE these boots, but apparently they are good for keeping track of me.
When we got back inside my mom still wouldn't put her camera down!  I asked her what was most important, that darned camera or me.  This is what she took and what I had to say about it....

Seriously!  I didn't like going out into the snow and now you insist on harassing me with your camera?  All because you have the day off!  Please stop shooting me with that thing.
Mom you are so embarrassing.  I just read your post above and you told everyone that I had a favorite pooping spot!??
  I refuse to look at you ever again.
FINE!  When I get bigger and you get littler, I'm going to tell all your embarrassing stories and take one million thousand pictures of you.  Then I will post them to the doggie-net.

Anyone want a human?  Mine's up for the taking...

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