Monday, February 10, 2014

6:52 {after a storm}

After a storm comes a calm.
-Matthew Henry

I fully admit, I'm a crazy dog lady (CDL).  This post contains more "Nadia" pictures.  More than perhaps a non-dog owner, or one who is unfamiliar with Nadia can handle.  Regardless she is my most often shot photog subject.  She's always available to step in as my model for each shoot, or maybe that is because she is my white shadow.  One will never know :)

While Nadia is a great dog, she is still a preschooler going into her teen years; and frequently needs reminders on how to have good manners.  For example, not jumping on guests, not pulling her leash and so forth.  She recently has been involved in a manners class one time per week.  It can be a stormy lesson when dogs who haven't socialized as puppies are there to learn.  Nadia like any preschooler in an unfamiliar environment is on edge, looking up at mom with those precious eyes that say, "Just take me home and cuddle me. NOW!!"  She is also involved in a social group called, "Pint Sized Pooches".  This is a social group in which Humans with pooches under 15 pounds meet up and let their dogs socialize together.  This can also be a stormy event depending on what dogs show up. 

The following are pictures of the calm after the storm of events.  They make my heart swell with love for her (something I didn't ever think was possible).

After the first Manner Class. "All I can do is hug my 'Ducky'.  I'm so tired, mom."-Nadia

"Ok, mom, Pint Sized Pooches was fun; but I'm tired!" -Nadia

"I think I can keep my eyelids up...maybe not." -Nadia
While I love Nadia's storm of activities that she does through the week, and her stormy run through the apartment right before she falls asleep each night; I'm thankful for her calm moments.  It is during these times that I can concentrate fully on my studies and get my writing completed for each class and/or for work.

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