Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's January 1st...

It's the day in common American society in which thousands of people make new promises to themselves.  Filled with renewed energy and intrinsic motivation, (which for most people, it will last maybe two weeks) they run to the gym, make efforts to be more positive, get and stay organized, watch what they eat, and the list goes on.  None of these activities are bad nor am I intending negativity towards the tradition of creating new resolutions, I'm simply blogging on a day which hasn't been the best for me.

I actually made resolutions at the beginning of the 2013/2014 school year.  It was to "keep all things real, positive, and inspiring".  It has gone well for the most part.  As with any goal or target there are times we are walking beside the wagon instead of riding.  Today was one of them: as described with my interaction with a total stranger.

Driving back from my Holiday break I had the opportunity to have my sister Jodi ride with me from Michigan to Minnesota.  I wanted to stop at Tobies, the infamous cinnamon roll place, to buy a roll for her to try.  As I pulled into the parking lot I was awed by the busyness of the restaurant.  In a quick scan for a parking spot I didn't see any so I asked Jodi to take over the wheel while I ran in.  In order to do this I needed to quickly park the car and switch drivers.  The only place to do this without holding up other cars, was in a Handicap parking spot.  Not the best choice but the switch would be quick and she'd be out of the spot in no time.  In the process of doing so, two gentlemen walk up from behind the vehicle and clearly note I do NOT have a handicap license plate, and continue to walk around the car to see if I have a permit hanging on my mirror in which, of course, I do not. One gentleman continues to glare at me while making comments about me being in a handicap parking spot, as I get out of the car.  Me, irritated by the situation as he still stares me down said to him, "I read lips." (which in truthfulness I read half of what he said).  He said, "You do! So then you ARE handicapped". To which I was tempted to say, "Yes. Mentally." but I actually replied, "Clearly not!  She's moving the vehicle."

The situation was real, it was not positive, nor do I think the man was inspired by my remarks.  So, in encouragement of others who are creating new resolutions I would want to inspire you, not beat yourself up on the days such as mine today.  But rather to recognize the days that you don't follow the resolutions as a reality of life and also as opportunities to keep moving in the direction you desire.  Let it not be a permanent fall off the wagon.

sarcastic humor to go with the day


maaretp said...

Clearly a frazzle-dazzle situation. I have often found myself in that position and then beat myself up over it because I'm overall a very reasonable person and hate causing conflict. I sometimes can't control what comes out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I like :)