Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dear Daven {May 2, 2017}

Dear Daven-

It's your first birthday today.  You have successfully made your first trip around the sun.

It's difficult to comprehend during the first few months of life, how many changes will happen in the first year.  So perhaps it is best bullet pointed

  • You rarely took a nap longer than 20 minutes the first few months of age
  • Your physical strength has always been much higher than expected for your age
  • You attempted to crawl over a tummy time pillow at 12 weeks of age.
  • You army crawled (by choice) until 10 months of age at which time you decided you could crawl on all fours.
  • You took your first few steps by just walking away from mom one day when you were feeling sick.
  • You have the best grin and belly laugh.
  • You find the dogs sneezes hysterical.
  • You are a hearty eater.  You'll eat most anything besides raspberries.  You loved spaghetti until yesterday.  
  • Your favorite breakfast is Ritz crackers.  You get all excited and start squealing and kicking your feet when I ask you if you want a cracker.
  • You are most determined.  You'll pause when asked to stop; however, insist on continuing the activity that you choose to do.
  • You love books.
  • You have mastered the circle and square on the shape sorter about 1.5 months ago
  • You love experimenting with limits and boundaries
  • You have about 25 words on your first birthday
    Well Hello there...

    This man... my Uncle Trix

    Spaghetti.... mmmm.

    Yes, I'm cute

    Daddy, let's go over there

    What did you say?

    Momma and me

    My da-dads

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