Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dear Daven {April 5, 2017}

While rocking you to sleep this afternoon, I thought to myself, I would just like to hold him for the entirety of his nap.  You are growing so fast you are 23 pounds and some odd ounces, you are over 31 inches tall and most pleasing to this Speech Pathologist momma's heart is the amount of babbling you do; I just want to cherish these moments.  I know better though.  You would have slept for 20 minutes in my arms versus the 1.5 hours in your crib.  

Today it is your Nana Alice's birthday- we tried calling her today but it got abruptly interrupted by me needing to tend to you.  Today, you are sick.  You have a stomach bug.  You vomited from 4 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. last evening.  Finally falling asleep closer to 11 for a longer stretch of time.  You woke in the morning in a fairly pleasant state however this is when the diarrhea started and hasn't stop yet.  

I've changed over 30 diapers today.  Not kidding.  Your poor bottom is so red and painful that you anticipate a diaper change and the screaming starts prior to even the change.  My heart aches for you, I want nothing more than to make you feel better and this unfortunately is something that has to "run it's course".  

I've been watching closely to make sure you don't get dehydrated.  I'm pretty sure you are awfully close to needing more than what I can do at home.  The pediatrician's office wasn't too concerned that you no longer are crying tears, because your mouth is still wet.  I can only pray that this is the case and that things will turn around soon because anything that goes in, comes out either the top or the bottom.

You had a couple of hours in the evening time in which I thought certainly things are starting to look up.  You wanted to play, tease Nadia, read books, and talk to yourself and anyone who would listen.  I was rewarded with a few opportunities to take photos of you.  What amazes me the most is your ability to be happy and content during the few moments you've had today which weren't wrought with pain, vomiting, or malaise.

You love "problem solving"

...and have not quite figured out to go around versus over things yet

Books, books, and more books

one of your favorite activities

peek-a-boo I see you

Sadly, you went to bed in a completely different set of pajamas as the vomiting started all over again.  I just hope I have enough patience to make it through another day and hope that the end result is not me getting the stomach bug.

I love you little man, I love you.

p.s. This blog post was going to be about how terrible my day felt.  Then I realized how terrible it must have been for you.  One thing I hope other parents understand is if kids are sick, they are not making your day bad, they are responding to being sick.  They are learning how to cope and it's hard for these little guys.

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