Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dear Daven {June 25, 2017}

Dear Daven-

You are the bravest little boy I know.  Just today we were back in Urgent care because a fever you've struggled with since early Friday morning wouldn't go away.  Today we learned you have your fifth ear infection in 5 months, and that your tonsils which are normally too large are swollen are bright red, although you are without strep.  Friday we were at the ENTs office and learned you will have PE tubes placed on July 13, 2017.  And that possibly next summer you will need to have your tonsils out due to sleep apnea.  The amazing thing about you Daven, is this, in spite of having had recurring ear infections you remain pretty happy, considering.  When you get upset you settle with mom reading you books.  We've read Brown Bear Brown Bear about 500 times now, somedays even reading it upwards of 20 times repeatedly.  In spite of having recurring ear infections you continue to learn new words, albeit, they can be difficult to decipher; however, when your little hand raises and you point a tiny little finger at what you want it's easy to learn what your words are.  At the end of May you started putting two words together (you are only 12 months at this time) the first two phrases were "more milk" and "more bottle".

You have the greatest will, strong persistence, and amazing grit when you are trying to figure new things out.  You continue to do this even when you are not feeling well.  When you get upset with mom, you'll look at her and say "no no" and then quickly swipe her glasses from her face, or you'll quickly take a handful of hair and pull.

Mom has had many offers to help you via Essentia Oils, all of which I have not responded to.  Let me tell you why.  I am a mother of science.  Anatomically this is what has been happening.  Your adenoids when enlarged block off the eustachian tube.  The eustachian tube is what drains the fluid from your inner ear into your pharyngeal area.  When the adenoids block the eustachian tube the fluid just sits in your middle ear, festering until it can a) drain when the eustachian tube is clear/unblocked and/or b) you get an ear infection and your ear drum bursts or you get put on medication to clear it up.  No amount of oil I rub behind your ear or put into your ear is going to change your anatomical makeup.  Each to there own when it comes to oils.  There is a place for them just not in this situation.  They may smell nice if you diffuse them and that smell may help calm a person down.... if you are anxious.

Enough about that.  Daven, you make me a proud Speech Pathologist momma every day.  You follow simple directions, you answer some yes/no questions even if you shouldn't, and your vocabulary growth is constantly amazing me.  Your most recent words have been clock and sky.  I love you to the non planet planet Pluto and beyond and back again.

Today you tried your very first popsicle.  Some people think you look like Papa Walt, some think you look like your da-dads, and I think you look a little like your cousin Emmett.

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