Friday, July 24, 2015

intuition, pizza, gut feelings, Dave Ramsey, fraud, and stolen cards

A week ago today, I was busy cleaning and getting ready for weekend guests.  Robert was at work and I figured it was a good time to order pizza.  When giving my information to the individual on the phone I had a bad feeling.  A negative gut reaction if you would to her persistence that she didn't hear me and asking me to repeat my information multiple times.  My inner voice said, "I bet she steals your information".

Fast forward to Thursday.  I was working at the hospital and attempted to purchase myself lunch when my card was declined.  The cashier kept saying, oh it's this machine, sorry.  I paid in cash and went on my way.  Today, I attempted to make a purchase at Target, my card declined.  So I sign onto my on-line banking account only to find multiple purchases had been made that I myself did not make.

Quick phone calls were made to the bank and I learned that apparently this woman in addition to making purchases from and (apparently she didn't know I was married); also attempted to make purchases from Lulu Lemon, Uber, and others I didn't recognize.

To say I'm feeling a bit angry is an understatement.

Good news is- I will be reimbursed for the purchases I did not make.  I will get an entirely different number.  This current card has been discontinued or stopped; whatever they do to it.

I remember distinctly what that woman's voice sounded like.  I have every intention to walk into the pizza place myself and complete my own investigation/interrogation -or- at the very least make a report to the police about what I believe happened.  It isn't good for criminals when the mess with individuals like myself who remember useless pieces of information like your voice, or the day/time of my weird intuitions.

Moral of the story... don't make purchases over the phone.  Always go in yourself or pay cash.  Go Dave Ramsey- I believe I will change from making over 60% of purchases with cash to fully implement your cash suggestions now.

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