Monday, June 22, 2015

20 minute project

Last weekend I spent my time with my sister and her family.  One of the many hundreds of beautiful reasons to have sisters is that they offer up their old clothes.  This super cute sun dress was given to me...

Let's be honest, it's adorable!  Here is the thing Lori is about 6 inches shorter than I am, so while I would love to have been able to wear the sundress as it is, I couldn't.  At 5 feet 9 inches, it barely covered my backside.  While some may favor that look, I'd rather keep my cheeks hidden from the world.  It dawned on me as I mourned a little that I wouldn't be able to wear this lively piece, that I could perhaps modify the dress into a skirt.  Which brings me to this lovely skirt that I no longer wore and was taking up space in the dresser.

the remainder of this skirt will eventually be used for something
So, I cut the top off the skirt.  The portion that folds over.  I also cut the top off the dress right above the elastic (making sure to keep it) which was intended for the A-line waist of the original dress.  I then paired the rights sides together matching up the side seams, pinned, and sewed the top of the skirt onto the bottom of the dress.

super simple!!
 As you can see in the picture I basically sewed over the existing stitch from the original dress.  This was the end result!

Love, love, love it!!
 My husband is off galavanting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with his twin brother.  Well, also visiting his family so I attempted to take a few photos of what the skirt looked like on with my iPhone camera and the timer setting (who knew the iPhone camera had a timer setting??).  The image is blurry but it gives you the jest..

All in all, it took approximately 20 minutes.

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