Sunday, January 27, 2013

New digs, my dog, and me

Nadia and I are very excited about our new place.  While we miss our long time previous "roomies" we are happy to be residing in Minnetonka, MN.  It is a super quick drive in to work for me, which also subsequently means a super quick drive home.  Nadia is still adjusting to all apartment noises and currently working on having a "quiet voice", and not waking up in the middle of the night with ear piercing barks because the neighbors slammed the door.

I kicked my human off the computer... What she doesn't realize is I am only trying to protect her so she'll just have to live with me alerting her at 1 a.m. and at 5 a.m. that someone is up and walking around the house.  And I don't know what this "quiet voice" stuff is because when she sees other humans she says "hi" or talks to them.  It'd be like me telling her to "stuff it" or "be quiet" when she saw other humans.  Anyhow I digress...  she is right about one thing, I am getting used to being the one and only dog.  I like it so far...

Our new digs:

The Kitchen.  My human made wild rice soup today.

The Living room- if you can see I like to sit on her lazy chair!  Well, and I leave my toys on the floor for my human to pick up after me.

The Bedroom.  My human still has lots of stuff to put away or store.  BTW, my human is currently ready "Out of Our Minds" by Sir Ken Robinson.  She is "out of her mind" but then again you probably knew that.

Yes... she color coordinates her closet!  Like I said, 'out of her mind'!

The Lavatory
As you can see... I sometimes sit here looking sad.  I makes my human feel bad for me.

And sometimes I stand at the door and whine, so my human will take me out for a walk.  It works!!  :)

And lastly, this is the window I sit in front of looking for other like minded species.  I let my human know there are others by barking.  :)

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