Friday, January 25, 2013

A walk on the beach...

could look like this:

Large Aloe Plant
I was trying to capture sometime entirely different... but ended up with sports on the beach.

I don't actually know what this is.
Some sit and ponder

And some people go to the beach to sit under tree shading.

On the path to nature observatory...

Made it to the "observation look out" where supposedly I could see whales.  Sadly no whales were seen, but seals were heard.

I was serenaded while I was looking for whales
At the look out but I see no whales. #sadday
As seen at the look out...

Back to the beach for the rest of the walk

Sometimes the sound of the ocean is deafening
Lobster shell?

Some surf and don't realize someone is photographing them..

This little critter popped up to say hello

Sometimes when you walk on a beach you return to a place like this... The St. Regis.

And complete your walk in the Botanical Gardens.

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