Monday, November 19, 2012

sugar bugs

What is it with sugar bugs and kids?

My nephew Garrett was sitting on my lap and pointing to varioius parts of my face.  This was the conversation:

Garrett: Is this your nose?
Me: Yes
Garrett: Is this your ear?
Me: Yes
Garrett: Is this your chin?
Me: Yes.
Garrett: Is this your mouth?
Me: Yes
Garrett: Is these your teeth?
Me: Yes
Garrett:  You have sugar bugs on them?
Me: I hope not.
Garrett: Yep, you do!

And then....

As a Speech Pathologist it isn't unusual to direct a student's attention to my mouth and specifically tell them to look inside to see what my tongue is doing to make the correct production of a sound.  Well... today, this is what happened in therapy...

Me: I asked a student to watch what my tongue does when I make the /sh/ sound. 
Student looking in my mouth: Oh- you have sugar bugs on your teeth. 
Me: No I don't think I do.
Student- Yes because you have a silver dot on your tooth! 

Kids they make you feel good about yourself.... I'm sure the dentist will appreciate it when I ask her to replace the silver filling with a white filling. 

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