Monday, November 19, 2012


Avis Mae (Jamison) Lampi is my mother.  She was born on November 4th in Milaca, MN to William and LaVon Jamison.  She was born the ninth child out of ten.  At 20 months of age LaVon, my mom's mom, passed away giving birth to their tenth child.

William remarried Marie.  Marie was a widowed mother of three.  Their combined families became a family of twelve.  And no I don't have the math wrong, my mom's brother Robert Paul died at a young age.  In the following years their family of twelve became a family of sixteen. 

My mom is a caregiver, this is evidenced not only by having taken care of her own children, but by her work as a physical thearpy assistant, and her willingness to take care of others who may be down on their luck or in difficult life situations, or simply, others she takes a liking to.

For example, my uncle had a daughter (who had been adopted due to his life circumstance)- that none of us knew about until we were older.  My mom was at work one day talking to a co-worker of hers and found out that this co-worker happened to be my dad's niece, April (this is her birth name not her adopted name).  That Christmas my mom made sure she had a little something from our family to let her know that even if we didn't know her, we'd be happy to welcome her into our family.  This is just one story of how she has taken others under her wing until they are ready to be on their own again. 

It isn't unusual for my mom to:
1) ask if there is a special dinner or meal that I'd like to have if I am going home to Michigan. 
2) bring me Trenary Toast from Michigan when she visits in Minnesota. Or-
3) during the Holidays to invite everyone and anyone who doesn't have family around to join in on our holiday happenings.

If you've ever tasted my baking--thank my mother for allowing me to mess up the kitchen at a very young age trying out my baking skills.  I got my love of Snicker bars (although I don't care much for chocolate) from my mother.

It was my mom's birthday on November 4th.  I didn't miss it.  I just didn't get around to writing until now.  Happy Birhtday, Mom!  I love you.

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