Monday, April 28, 2014

17:52 {laugh}

When you have nothing to laugh about, laugh anyway. Soon you'll feel the healing power of joy and laughter bringing new energy and life to your weary, frustrating day.
-Thelma Wells

Kids.  Kids, keep me laughing; at work and in my social life.  In fact this very blog was started in 2009 with the funny things kids said to me either in the therapy room or in everyday life with my nieces and nephews.

Picturing the things that can brighten a dull day often is difficult because what is it that makes us laugh?  How do you photograph the funny things kids say and do without sharing the story?  How do you picture a child telling you in the middle of a therapy session, "me nee- -ug: translation "me need hug" with me saying "Sure I can give you a hug."?  Only to have the same child tell you at the end of the session, "Close your eyes" so you quickly blink because you don't know what they are thinking, only to open your eyes to see them leaning in to give you a BIG SLOPPY KISS on the face.  

You simply cannot capture that on SD memory cards.

What you can capture is faces of challenging times and laughing faces...

Challenging times

It's difficult to be maintain sanity and feel happy when multiple days are filled with rain, wind, and cold weather.

Nadia would prefer not to share her feelings about having to be 'stuck' inside due to the weather.

Miss Ella Jo laughs most for her Daddy Kasey

Garrett is happy about something...

in respond to Diana trying coconut water

After, learning that coconut water actual does taste like "smelly socks"

I asked her to 'laugh your head off"

Mia claimed she couldn't just laugh but promptly did at perhaps the absurdity.
And for those such as myself who live with chronic disease which is nothing to laugh at, laughter is often appreciated and helpful.  

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