Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sundays: {Calm|Quiet|Family}

Sundays are a day for family, relaxing, and quietness.  My Sunday's are pretty routine in the sense that they hold a few steady activities.  Nadia walk/quiet time, church, and family.  They typically look like this:

 After a morning walk it is typical that Nadia goes to wait at the rocker for me to come sit down with a cup of coffee.   This is my quiet time to relax during the weekend.  The hour I spend thinking about my upcoming week or thinking about plain "nothingness", and/or just enjoying the the fact that my little typically un-snugg-able dog is learning to snuggle.  More and more often our Sunday mornings look like this until it's time to get ready from church.

Going to services at church are a routine regular weekly outing.  I didn't find it appropriate to photograph my siblings with their children sitting in pew benches with the service going on.

Following the service, I like to live vicariously through my siblings with children.  Growing up Sunday was a time for family and friends.  Being that I have no children of my own to date, a typical Sunday includes a trip to one of my siblings homes to hang out and visit with them.  Nadia often is in accompaniment with me.  It may look like this:

All children have snit fits.

My nephews and their dad Face Timeing with their Nana and Papa on their dad's side in Michigan

Garrett is not only my "cowboy" he is also my God son.

Tristan- hamming it up for the camera

My sister Diana aka Di-Di the mother of Tristan, Garrett, and Emmett

It's also typical that other siblings with children show up.  Ingrid loves Nadia. "Naja" as she calls her.

Sunday also usually involves reading.  Emmett got new shoes if you notice.

Nadia and her cousin Shimmy also get time to visit.  While it is typical they are trying to roll each other over Nadia still LOVES her time with Shimmy and her brother Shaggy (not pictured).

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