Wednesday, September 19, 2012

my candid summer

As I promised myself, this past summer I spent time on hobbies.  Much to the dismay of those in my immediate vicinity; I spent a lot of time behind my camera, using them as targets.  The following are some of my favorite shots.

Window Reflections

Who doesn't like to window shop?

Combining hobbies: Spending time with great friends and taking pictures
For those of you who know me well, know that climbing as a hobby was a good choice for me.  The challenge is there on the physical and mental levels.

This man asked if I would take his picture... So, I did.

Boys find dragonflies to be cool.

Play dough pancakes

Nadia believes she is human.

One of my favorite Little Ladies.   Excuse me A, did you take my sunglasses?

Nothing beats spending time on the shores of Lake Superior!  "A Child's Treasures"

Green bugs

I just love I's expression!  She's so disgusted with something

Pure exuberance with summer time

Nadia... insisted on walking by herself on these cliffs.

Always vigilant to check the door when visitors come. 

Even the seagulls enjoy the beach.

Visited with my Great Uncle Ruben and Helen.  They also happen to be my godparents.
the colors of summer

Red, red, and more red

Yea, this will never happen with Nadia

Jersey cows are beautiful.  Peek-a-boo cow!

Back to school cupcakes.

Brycen gets his black belt in karate.

The agility, focus, and strength of a trained black belt is amazing...

and he is only 9 years of age.

I am proud of my nephew!

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