Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's a DREAM

There is a lot of buzz about the divorce rates of couples with a child or children with special needs.  While many of the stated percentages of divorce are empirical or anecdotal, there seems to be little scientific data to support the claim.  Regardless, I will not dispute the fact that raising a child with special needs is difficult.  Many parents face public who simply don't understand their child's disability, additional financial stresses due to the amount of specialized care some children need, differences in beliefs of how to raise a child with special needs, and so forth.

This is what I know from my work in the field of Speech Language Pathology.
  1. Couples of children with special needs rarely if ever go on a date just as a couple.  Why?  I have been told it is difficult to find sitters who understand their child's unique needs, and if they find one it is SUPER expensive.
  2. Finding a sitter who has the knowledge base and/or willingness to learn how to "sit" for a child with special needs is difficult and at times impossible.
  3. Finding a sitter within budget is difficult and in some families cases impossible.
  4. I have been told that often times simple daily tasks such as grocery shopping, cleaning, etc... can be a challenge to complete depending on each child's specific needs.
This is my dream in a rudimentary form:

I dream of running a center that provides FREE worry free short term respite care to families with children with special needs regardless of a families income level.

  • In addition to the center, I dream of creating an "Angie's List" of therapy/educational places.  
  • Providing information to parents regarding: therapies and educational services, diagnosis known to impact learning, and so forth so that parents are able to make informed decisions regarding their child's care.
  • Developing a network of entertainment places that are willing to offer parents with special needs discounted and or free rates to activities.
  • Offer parents free information sessions from a variety of specialists.
What I would need... Financial supporters, volunteers, an actual building or space for this to happen in.  For my friends and families with children of special needs please weigh in... I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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maaretp said...

You wrote this like a professional. Wonder if grants are available for this non-profit business plan.