Thursday, July 26, 2012

you're a few days late

Today is July 26.  I have three brothers.  Adam is my youngest brother.  He turns 19 today.  For many years I thought his birthday was on July 28th.  This can happen when you have 13 siblings. 

Adam is a ranch hand in North Dakota. He most recently said to me I don't work.  "Every day I go to fun."  Adam is affectionate and loving.  He has been known to scoop me up in front of his friends and spin me around and then laugh when I ask to be put down.  He almost always has a big smile on his face.

This evening I pick up my phone and located the entry Adam Lampi, I pressed talk, and waited for him to answer the phone.  This was the phone call:

Deep raspy voice answers and says: Hello
Me:  Oh, (thinking he was playing a joke on me) Is this Adam?
Deep raspy voice: No.  Are you calling to wish me a Happy Birthday?
Me (Confused):  Well I would be calling to wish my brother a Happy Birthday.
Deep raspy voice:  Well I ain't no Adam, but it was my birthday on the 24th.
Me:  Well Happy Belated Birthday!
Deep raspy voice (laughing):  Thanks!  You're a few days late!

To my youngest brother Adam:

I've learned you've changed your phone number.  I have the new one now.   Happy Birthday.  I love you!  -R

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