Wednesday, July 25, 2012

it's a small world

Everyone is interconnected...

Word of mouth is a great marketing tool.  In fact this is how I've gotten my past three clients.  Marketing via word of mouth brings along a certain responsibility to always be aware of what comes out of your own mouth because.... everyone is interconnected.

Webster defines "interconnectedness" in this way:  
1: mutually joined or related
2: having internal connections between the parts or elements 
In my life I've had a number of experiences that have demonstrated just how small the world is through interconnectedness.
The latest experience...  Client 3 was a word of mouth referral from Client 2 who was a word of mouth referral from Client 1.  During my second visit with Client 3, his mom said, "Rachael, I forgot to tell you, you know my sister! I was telling her about the Speech Therapist we hired for [son's name].  She asked me who it was and when I said it was you she said, 'Yea, I know her she was our son's speech therapist 2 years ago!'"   Client 3's mother's sister didn't know Client 2 or Client 1.  This conversation ended with the statement, Wow it really is a small world.

The most interesting experience...  I was visiting my friend Anna, who is Finnish, but was living in London, England, and now currently lives in the Pacific Northwest.  Along with us were a few other mutual friends.  We got tickets to go listen to a Vivaldi concert being played at St. Martin's in the Field.  During the intercession I overheard the couple talking in front of me.  Hearing their American English prompted me to inquire where they were from.... Plymouth MN.  The same town I live in.  The world is small.

The most amazing experience... While living in Finland back in 1996, I went with a fellow schoolmate to the Christmas Eve Mass in their state church.  While sitting in the pew bench I noticed a man.  I looked intently at him for the simple reason that he had the same nose as my father.  Being that my grandfather (dad's dad) was from Perho Finland, I was even more intrigued.  After the service, I approached the man only to find out in our discussion that he was my dad's first cousin!  In the end I spent Christmas day with their family.  The world is small.

While the world is small, I think the world is also flattening with technology... but that's for another story.

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