Monday, June 11, 2012

Virtuwell is BRILLIANT

As life goes occasionally you are slowed down or knocked off your feet by illnesses.  I have yet again, a sinus infection.  Now this blog is not to complain about being sick, or to get sympathy for being sick it is to highlight the BRILLIANT nature of Virtuwell.

Virtuwell is basically an on-line fast track clinic.

So here is the story... I've had multiple sinus infections in my life.  Recurrent sinus infections.  I use a nasal spray on a regular basis.  Within the past 12 months alone I've had over 6 sinus infections (all of which I have gone in to the physician for); however with only 2 treated by medication, and one treated with accupuncture.  After realizing again, that I have another infection I called my physician to say, "Hey listen, I have another sinus infection.  Are you able to send a prescription to the pharmacy instead of me having to take time off of work, drive to the clinic, sit in the waiting room because the physician is running late, drive back to the pharmacy...?? Well you get the point.  The answer was "No.  I won't send a prescription in for you.  You have to come in."  I thought to myself, Why?  Why come in?  Just so you can tell me what I already know?  That I have a sinus infection! 

I hoped and prayed that it would go away on it's own because I sure wasn't going to go in again and take time off of work.  It didn't.

Then I was reminded of Virtuwell, the on-line clinic.  I sat down at home, answered about 50 questions on-line.  After answering the questions 5 minutes later I had a text message telling me my treatment plan was ready for me and a prescription had been sent to Target Pharmacy.  I called Target to make sure they got the script, drove there picked it up, and drove home.  This was all done within 30 minutes.

My cost???  My co-payment.  Simply BRILLIANT!  And innovative.  Not sure why I didn't try them out earlier.

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