Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi, my name is Nadia.

D.O.B. 5/16/2011
Adoption Date: 5/11/2012

Well, I've been residing at the Yucca Lane House for just over a month.  I have adjusted to my surroundings quite well.  I really like that I have an adopted brother Bailey.  He is nearly 3x my size; however I absolutely love to antagonize him.  He is like a grumpy old man.  When he is sitting on his throne looking out the window (it is too high for me to get up there) I go behind him and nip his butt.  He really doesn't like this, but I like his reaction.  It always makes him come play with me. 

I like to play games on Rachael.  Today while she was cleaning, she put a small pile of kids toys by the basement steps so she could bring them away.  When she wasn't looking, I took the Little People person and ran off.  :)  When she called my name I dropped the Little People on the steps and looked at her wondering what her problem was.  I didn't have the Little People it is on the steps, close to where she left it... ;)  The other thing I haven't showed her yet is that I actually can fit between the slates on the gate and when she isn't looking I go into the basement. I think she may be figuring out this Houdini trick, because she has had to rescue me a few times.

I really hate baths, although Rachael likes how I smell after a bath.  I don't let her put bows in my hair, although she has tried many times.  I have this funny looking pink color that has gemstones on it.  I flirt with Charlie the neighbor dog.  And I believe that everyone is my best friends.  I mean seriously, Who wouldn't love me?  Well, actually it is a good thing I don't belong to my first people parents anymore.  I have no idea why they gave me up.

I love my human cousins, especially Ingrid because she LOVES when I smell her feet. I have to be careful around her because she doesn't know yet that it isn't polite to pull my fur. 

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Jodi said...

Nadia sounds like a gem. Absolutely cute...and spunky enough to match her owner's spunk. :D