Friday, April 27, 2012

angry smile

Let's face it, we are all passive aggressive from time to time...
...and we all probably know someone who is the: 
Sugar Coated Hostility-Backhanded Compliment Queen with the Angry Smile.

The comments sound something like this:
"You look great today!  Who choose your outfit?"
"Wow!  Your hair is amazing.  Who did it for you?"
"Well that's a super cute dress, but the color certainly isn't in season!"
"Amazing that you got that award.  Did you know someone on the voting board?"

I have a tendency to at times fight fire with fire.  What I'd love to have responded to these comments in respective order is this:
"Well we certainly know you didn't choose my outfit.  Look at yours!  WHOO!  Wouldn't have left the house with that on!"
"You know what... I have this amazing hair dresser.  You should go see her yourself!  Her name is Rachael, she is just great."
"Well who died and made you style queen?"
"You know what?  No I didn't know anyone on the voting board.  It was amazing!  I got the award because of what I did, on my own.  Weird huh?  I'm sure you've had connections to all your awards and accolades?"

Because passive aggressive behavior drives me insane, I typically don't respond.  There is a saying that goes, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all."  So the next time you are wondering why I am so quiet....

Regardless, as I reflect on a few situations over the past few months I've concluded that this particular "Sugar Coated Hostility-Backhanded Compliment Queen with the Angry Smile" is jealous and perhaps unsatisfied with herself.  

So for that, I feel pity her and her Angry Smile.

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maaretp said...

I had to set my cold cereal down to type my comment... yes, we all know a queen like that. wondering if tickling would help their disposition?