Monday, March 10, 2014

10:52 {never too old}

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. -C.S. Lewis

While this is a picture from this summer, I choose this picture to share because my dad epitomizes this quote.

For those of you who may not know my father, he is Walter Lampi, known to his family as Pete.

When my dad was in his 20s or perhaps early 30s he taught himself to understand, speak, and read Finnish.  What was the motivation?  Other than the fact that, while he himself was born in the U.S., his father was from Perho Finland... he was being sent on a mission trip to Finland.  

I remember the evenings when he'd had his nose tucked behind a Paivamies or Finnish for Foreigners.  I remember the Finnish tapes he'd listen to and practice his pronunciation of Finnish words. To my knowledge he got along in Finland quite fine.

When my dad was in his later 30s perhaps, he took piano lessons.  I'm not entirely sure where the motivation came from but there was a specific piece he wanted to learn how to play.  I don't quite remember how long he took lessons; however he learned the song.  I'm not sure if he's touched a piano since.

About 11 years ago, my dad was sent on a mission trip to Equador.  He didn't speak any Spanish.  He was sent back to Equador late 2012 (I think) he didn't know much Spanish; however he promised the indigenous people there that when he returned he would speak more Spanish.  So for about a year each night, my dad, (as I've heard from my mom) spent hours teaching himself how to understand, speak, and read Spanish.  He went back to Equador December 2013; he was able to hold small conversations.

At the age of 62, my dad graduated (yet again) with a Master's in Divinity.  He also had a number of other degrees.

All in all, I've been given a great example of setting new goals and dreaming new dreams.  

My dreams are fluid they change from time to time, my goals are also fluid, they change constantly. 

Head on down to Arizona to see what goals/dreams ANITA has.

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