Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If you think I'm high maintenance...

you should meet my dog, Nadia.  human, Rachael.

Whooops.... my human just caught me writing on her blog.....  YIKES I gotta run!

  • Nadia has three sweaters, two pairs of boots, one collar, one harness, and two leashes.  
  • She is an in-your-face kind of dog.  
  • She is a anxious social.  She wants to be around people or other dogs but yet she's anxious about being left or me leaving her.  When she goes to Doggy Day Care upon arrival she'll hide behind my legs and tuck her nose between my knees so that the doggy care provider "can't" see her.  She assumes if they can't see her then she won't be left.  
  • Nadia demands full attention from all living species around her.  I made the mistake of teaching her the term "Tricks for Treats", now not a night passes that she doesn't demand to go through her typical "Tricks for Treats" routine.  If I haven't completed the routine prior to going to bed Nadia will jump up into my lap and put her nose in my face and... yep.... BARK!!  How is it I know she wants her "Tricks for Treats" routine and not to go outside.  Well it's simple, I ask her, "Do you have to go potty?"  If the answer is no she'll just look at me.  If she wants "Tricks for Treats" she'll either do a half roll or wait for me to ask, "Do you want Tricks for Treats?"  and she'll answer with an in-your-face BARK BARK and walk over to the treat cabinet to wait expectantly.  The routine includes a variety of tricks, for each trick she gets a treat; and trust me it isn't the tricks she loves so much it's her beloved peanut butter treats she gets.  The tricks consist of: sit, down, roll, roll again, sit, sit pretty, stand, walk, wait, down, come, sit, down, roll, roll again, sit pretty, stand, under, over, and it continues until the handfull of treats are gone.  It is after this routine that Nadia calms down and will sit by my feet on the lazy chair; not a minute before.
  • Expects any available hands to scratch her belly.  
  • Believes all toes were created for her to torture.
  • Demands to be fed at the same time every day.
And the list goes on... she may be high maintenance but she is my high maintenance dog.

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