Thursday, December 22, 2011

Meryl Streep and Roses

Odd things happen to me.  I often leave an encounter with a stranger or not so close acquaintance asking myself, "Why'd they tell me!!?"  I have been told a mirage of different tid-bits of people's personal lives and/or their thoughts and ideas; none of whom I know, have ever seen prior, or will ever know or see again. 

A Few of Many Odd Things:

1) I once had a man stand behind me in the grocery store line (this not being so unusual).  He told me about his divorce he was going through.

2) I was once shortly followed and approached by a woman in Target who told me, "You look just like Meryl Streep!"  (I had to go back to work to see who Meryl Streep was and what she looked like)
my nose is crooked like hers

3) While walking to a tube station in London England I had a car stop in the middle of traffic (holding up about 15 cars) to ask me if he could take my picture.  He thought I was a famous soccer player.

4) As I was leaving a grocery store one day, I was approached by a young man who said, "I have a rose for you." and he promptly handed me a red rose.
I smiled and said "Thanks!"
 5) A man once offered the Quran in English to me.

6) ...

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