Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You have to KISS him!

While working with a 6 year old client he looked over at my hand and pointed to my ring and started this conversations:
Client: Does this ring mean you are married? 
Me: No.  It would have to be on my other finger. 
Client (pondering): Well you should get married.
Me: Who should I get married to?
Client: Your best boyfriend.
Me:  Well what if my best boyfriend doesn't want to marry me?
Client:  Well then your second best boyfriend.  You should choose one or the other.
Me: Ok, Well how do I get married?
Client (in a whisper and a big grin on his face):  You have to KISS him! 
**I am quite frequently asked by my clients if I am married or not.  I am always amused by their child's view of marriage and what it entails.  Always good humor...

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