Thursday, February 12, 2009


I honestly have no clue what I was thinking.... but I'm sure it is going to be fun, exciting, terrifying, and educational. In our current economic state some may consider me to be a big risk taker, overly confident, or just plain dumb for making this move. I've requested a Leave of Absence from my job which always holds the risk of losing a job. I've thought it to be bordering on the line of irresponsible, but I've also considered it to be 'about time' that I did something to change up the mundaneness of my work/life. Well my life actually is quite fine but it could use a shaking up- as to not get stuck in a rut... and furthermore I'm just looking for a temporary change. I am doing this by moving to Arizona for 13 weeks- and yes, I will be working during this time. Throughout this time I plan on posting thoughts/ideas/adventures/activities/life experience for those who have a desire to see what I'm up to. I wish myself luck and good fortune. "Luck-- is being prepared when opportunity knocks."

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